High-grade visitors at bedea

The MUTEC - International Trade Fair for Museum and Exhibition Technology - is held in a two year regular cycle  together with the denkmal (European Trade fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation) at Leipzig.

This year bedea has been visited by an international delegation of museum experts within the official fair tour. The participients were willing to listen to the advantages of the modular bedea akzent fiberoptical and LED lighting systems for museal applications.

Mutec 14 1-1


The head of the sales department, Erwin Herpel explained the special features of fiberoptical lighting:

A central light source, e.g. a modern long-life LED projector with low energy consumption ist generating the light. The transmission is done by fiberoptical, which may vary in number, length and diameter and are manufactured according to the customers rules pre assembled for "plug'n'play" use. At the end of the cables special beamer elements of different shape provide the light throw on the exhibits or in the showcase. Light free of heat predestine this technology especially for the use in closed showcases without circulation of the air. UV free light ensures the maximum protection of light sensitive exhibits like valuable books or paintings.

Mutec 14 3-1


Contrary to other systems the bedea akzent beamers are designed for customer's choice of the lighting media between fiberoptics or LED. This doesn't cause any modification of the beamer. The miniature beamers of the "Vitro" series can be combined with each other anyway and enable a esthetic appealing illumination of the exhibits by their sophisticated design.


Mutec 14 2-1


The information brochure is here for download.


Those were the announced participients:

Jørn Holme Generaldirektor Riksantikvaren Director General Directorate for Cultural Heritage Norway
Dr. Terje Nypan Senior Councilor Directorate for Cultural Heritage Norway
Benjamin Mouton Vizepräsident Vice President ICOMOS
PhDr. Anna Matoušková Deputy Cultural Minister of the Czech Republic  

Mariusz Czuba Deputy Managing Director of the National Heritage Board of  Poland
Katarzyna Rzezniczek First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Angelika Albrecht Managing Director MUTEC
Herr Uwe Hoppe Managing Director of the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt (Oder)
Dr. Uwe Koch Head of department for Cultural Heritage Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Culture
Ulrich Menke Head of Department of  the State Ministry of the Interior of Saxony
Representatives of the International Committee and the Advisory Committee of denkmal Dr. Markus Harzenetter/Prof. Dr. Gerd Weiß
Sergej Makarov Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of historical buildings of St. Petersburg
Leipziger Messe GmbH: Markus Geisenberger, Managing Director Dr. Deliane Träber,  Executive Director Kersten Bunke-Njengue, Project Director