Our task is achieving the best supply of our company bedea Berkenhoff & Drebes GmbH.


We purchase raw materials and capital equipmentas well as all types of auxiliary supplies, operating materials and services.

The variety of our sales products determines our purchase program.


The mixture of regional, national as well as international suppliers allows us to purchase in a flexible and cost-effective way by using the particular strengths of each partner.


The fulfilment of our quality requirements is the basis of a successful collaboration.

Compliance with all legal provisions, relevant rulesand ethical standards is assumed for granted.


Does your delivery program match our requirements?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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phone : +49 6441 / 801 - 777


For example we are using:


special cables:

thermoplastic polymers as well as copper wire (single/multiple wire, strand), copper foil and aluminum foil


mini ropes and strands:

roping wires made of stainless steel, non-ferreous-metals, special alloys as well as zinc-plated steel in fine and super-fine diameters


technical yarns:

thermoplastic polymers


fiber optics and bedea akzent/ lighting:

fiber optical cables, light sources, connection technique and turned parts


drawing dies and cold forming tools:

industrial diamonds, natural and polycrystalline, tungsten carbide and steel bars