Due to our long expertise in processing of metal wires, we have got the perfect knowledge for the production of our precision wire drawing dies "oranien".
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We offer a wide range of tools for drawing of wires, tubes and profiles:


Product range zo rund produkt

Drawing dies
Drawing dies with tungsten carbide, natural diamond, or monocristalline diamond cores for the drawing of non-ferrous wires and high carbon steel wires. Diameters from 0.10 mm up to 10.00 mm.




Tungsten carbide drawing dies for profiles
zo profil produkt Tungsten carbide dies for wires, bars, and tubes of steel or non-ferrous metals. Diagonals from 1 mm up to more than 60 mm.



PKD-drawing tools
Drawing dies with a core of polycristalline diamond for non-ferrous metals and high carbon steel. Special geometries are available for diagonals up to 10 mm.