po gruppe"oranien" offers a comprehensive range of tools for the cold forming of metals. Due to its variety and application orientation it may be regarded to be a leader in this branche of industries.

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applications:po matrizen


Tungsten carbide and steel tools
We produce heading, reducing, and doming dies as well as extruding dies, cold forming dies for construction elements and multiple section dies for powder material parts.






Heading toolspo kopfpr
First and second blow punches in all shapes, forming and extruding punches for hexagonal, 12-point, and rounded hexagonal forms, chamfer punches, segmented dies, and tool inserts made of steel or tungsten carbide are part of our product mix.




po kopfm

Heading dies with tooth construction
We manufacture heading dies with saw tooth, ribbed t
ooth, and curved tooth design as well as special forms.









Shearing toolspo schwer
We supply shearing tools made of steel or tungsten carbide, such as shearing shaft inserts and shearing blades.








Trimming toolspo abgrat

We produce hexagonal trimming tools, trim punches, and special designs according to customers´ specifications, CVD-coated, too.







Punchespo stempel
Part of our product range are ident punches with CVD-coating (upon request) for hexagonal, 12-point, and rounded hexagonal forms, engraved punch inserts, ejectors and mandrels.