The fiberoptical principles gives a magnitude of new opportunities to realise a creative and functional light design. Catch all the information on the complete bandwidth of the bedea akzent lighting system.


Architectural lightingproduktspektrum 01
There is a growing demand on proper accentuation of stilistic architectural elements. They are not longer only a functional part of a building and tend more to be an instrument to arrange and order the appearance.



Lighting effects produktspektrum 02
Decorative light with the bedea akzent system is the eye catcher for your application. Create three-dimensional sculptures with the light net, design powerfull backdrops for stages with starlight sets - the limit is creativity only.



Open spaces and gardens produktspektrum 03
Ways and areas may be illuminated in a very fascinating way by means of various light outlets. There are not even any problems concerning safety - there is only light inside the cables and no electrical energy at all.



Interior lighting produktspektrum 04
Accentuated illumination by hidden light outlets may be applied even in museal rooms. Variable light moods offer a perfect harmony of light mood and ambience.



Art and design produktspektrum 05
Different fiberoptics and outcoupling elements as well as complex controlling options provide a maximum of flexibility to the creatives. With our fiberoptical system you can overcome the limits of conventional lighting.



Display cases and museums produktspektrum 06
Smooth and sparing light, free from UV-rays, supports a long-time presentation of exhibits. Integrated light outlets let them appear in their true colours.



Water and Wellness produktspektrum 07
Especially water provides an interesting surrounding for light. The lack of electrical current provides a hugh bandwidth of creation that has never been known before.