Get a grip on the basic elements of the bedea akzent fiberoptical lighting system. All components are developed and manufactured to highest standards in our works at Aßlar.


Light projectors are the central component in the fiberoptical system of bedea akzent. They produce the light by using various lighting media. This light is bundled by internal reflector systems and then emitted into the fiberoptics with the optimum efficiency factor.

Colour effect filters and programmed colour scenes allow various lighting states. The controlling range lasts from manual setting of colour by show controls up to linking the projectors to an already installed facility bus system. We provide you with the right controlling solution for your project.

The product range comprises lighting media up to 8000hrs lifetime and up to a colour temperature of 5200°K.


Fiberoptics of high quality optical glass or specific plastic polymers transmit the light produced by the projector to the flexible light ends.

With one light source various fiberoptical configurations can be realised. The spatial division of light ends and light source allows unimagined creative possibilities - it can be used outdoors or under water without risk or trouble.

The light is nearly free from harmful ultraviolet radiation and heat radiation.


By using optical elements different emission characteristics and effects can be achieved. Lenses, prisms and mirrors bundle or distort the light or guide it "around the corner".

Our light outcoupling elements are manufactured from finest materials and excel by an exclusive design. There are extensive patents and/or copyrights for the bedea akzent product range.

akzentsystemakzentgrafikDas aus der Lichtquelle in einen Lichtwellenleiter (LWL) eingespeiste Licht wird infolge der Totalreflektion der Lichtwellen an der Grenzschicht zwischen Kern und Mantel bzw. Umgebungsmedium im LWL geleitet und tritt am anderen Ende des Lichtleiters aus.